About Me

Hey there, my name is Jamie

and this is the portal to my creative world.

Growing up in NorthEast England to a Painter for a Mother and a Master Goldsmith Father, there was always the influence to be creative. From arts and crafts at home with my Mum to sitting at the Jewellery bench with Dad I picked up many skills that took me decades to return to.

Out of school I trained as a marine engineer on cruise ships. Followed by several years in a Naval shipyard and then 12+ years working on Super Yachts. It wasnt until I happened to end up In Tahiti, delivering a Yacht that I set foot back on the road to being creative again. Getting a little carried away visiting one of the Pearl farms that are found on almost every atoll, I ended up purchasing far more of these captivating crustacean irritants than intended... Oops

During my next chance at home I started playing with silver and these beautiful pearls to create some of my first designs.

It didnt take me long to broaden my horizons to start playing with Opals, specifically taking them from a rough rock with perhaps a small showing of fire, to a finished gem. This is when the real addiction began. Opals have taken over...

All Opals that I use are sourced in rough form then cut and polished myself, revealing the final treasure. In many ways this website has become an effort to justify my obsession with cutting opals.

But we cant forget about those Pearls that started the return to my roots.